IAPPS2U is a Digital Business Card website making service powered by Passion Digital (S) Pte Ltd, a company based in Singapore. We created IAPPS2U for anyone who wish to build a personal brand using digital tools and online marketing.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, a big corporation CEO establishing your personal brand,  an entrepreneur starting a business, a real-estate agent promoting your properties, or a political leader who needs to engage the community, you need to build a personal brand. Having a Digital Business Card website enables you to build your online presence, engage your audience and create a branding base on your area of expertise.

IAPPS2U is built on the WordPress platform, leveraging on all the thousands of plugins and design templates made available by WordPress. With WordPress, there is no limit to what you can equip your Digital Business Card website with. If you are a professor who conduct in-depth research and gives lectures to students, you can equip your business card website with learning management system and video learning tools so your students can learn from your research findings. If you are a small retail business owner, you can turn your business card website to an e-commerce site.

There are thousands of developers designing themes for WordPress for free. We customise these themes for Digital Business card purpose and provide to everyone for free too.  When you subscribe to an IAPPS2U Digital Business  card website, all you pay is the hosting and the help desk support. Everything else comes free unless you opt for the premium themes and functionalities.

We hope you enjoy IAPPS2U. Feel free to drop us a note at sales@iapps2u.com if you would like to contact us.