You are Top of Mind

When people hold your Digital Name Card in their hands

Make a Digital Name Card now!

Why Digital Business Card?

More than just a business card

On large screen, your Digital Business Card works just like a website. Whether it is for building personal brand or your company brand, you can place valuable contents in it and position yourself or your company as the go-to expert or as industry thought leader.

Build Your Brand!

Your customers will be carrying your information with them wherever they go. You will be top in their mind. They can browse your information anytime, anywhere. They can also share your product information with their friends easily via social media.

Boost Sales

If you are a business owner, you can help your customers reach you easily and in turn boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. With a Digital Business Card, customers can call you, SMS or email you, make reservation for your service, access to your store map and always remember when they hold in their hands the service and products you offered.

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Entice and Excite your Customers

Gone are the days where you are limited to printed, static flyers. Add videos and slide shows to your card!

Always connected, always updated

Whether you are having a new launch promotion or shifting your office, there’s no worries about long lead time in printing of marketing materials or unplanned information changes. Make updates to your contents anytime and instantaneously your customers receive your updated contacts, promotions and news.

Don’t just give a name card…

Say IApps2U and SMS your digital business card!

It breaks the ice! With Digital Business Card, instantaneously people have the information you wish to share with them in their mobile devices. Whether you are launching a new product, running an event, or just to introduce your business, a Digital Business Card works marvellously!

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We Make Digital Business Cards

Every Digital Business Card is designed to help you build your branding and create your online presence. It works on all mobile devices and on larger screen desktop, it becomes your personal website. It is simple and you can make a Digital Business Card in just a few minutes.

Make a Digital Business Card now!